Garage Floor Chip Coating Systems

A low maintenance floor coating system specially formulated to produce a dense, non-porous, chemical and dirt resistant floor. The system consists of a vapor bond moisture treatment base reinforced with a colored quartz aggregate that is broadcasted with decorative colored chips and finished with a clear sealant topcoat.

The system produces a durable and decorative finish that is easy to keep clean and resistant to stains and chemical penetration. The top coat can be made slip resistant if necessary.

Technical Information

Hardness 80-90 Shore D
Impact Resistance MIL-D-3134F 4.7.3 Withstands 16 ft./lbs. without cracking, chipping or delamination
Bond Strength to Concrete ACI COMM #403, Bulletin 59-43 300-400+ psi (100% concrete failure) Varies by concrete strength
Cure Time (System) 8-24 Hours for light foot traffic Varies by topcoat used

Key Advantages

  • checkSeamless, Sanitary Floor
  • checkHigh Impact and Wear Resistance
  • checkLow Maintenance, Easy to Clean
  • checkSafe (non-slip)
  • checkChemical Resistant Finish
  • checkDecorative Appearance