Commercial Showroom Floor Coatings

Whether you desire a polished concrete look or a more decorative finish, 5 Star installs the best showroom floor coatings. Concrete sealing gives you that beautiful polished look that extends the life of your concrete and makes it so much easier to clean. Our decorative finish utilizes a two component, modified epoxy system designed to seal concrete and reduce moisture vapor transmission. It is proven to reduce moisture vapor emissions and be resistant to damage from high alkalinity, shock, abrasion, chemical spills and stains. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material containing no hydrocarbons nor other solvents.

A Beautiful and Durable Concrete Floor that Lasts

Driving over this floor coating with hot tires will not cause it to peel or flake off. Moisture is the number one cause of a failed concrete floor coating, but by utilizing a moisture vapor barrier, our system stops moisture from ruining your floor.

The epoxy coating component of the system bonds extremely well to properly prepared concrete and revitalizes old or worn concrete. It provides a thick, durable coating that will fill in the small hairline cracks and imperfections of the concrete. Decorative chips can be broadcast into this epoxy layer for a beautiful look and slip-resistance.

The floor coating is finished with a clear topcoat to bring out the shine and keep your floor easy to clean.

Key Advantages

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the most critical portion of any successful resinous flooring system. 5 Star Garage Flooring uses a diamond grinding machine to prep the concrete surface. It is not sufficient to merely use an acid wash to prep the surface. By grinding the concrete, we break through the smooth surface of the concrete and enable true adhesion of the vapor bond moisture treatment.


5 star warrants for a period of five (5) years unconditionally that your new garage floor will not yellow, fade or peel.